Airbus Helicopters

Pôle professionnel :
Type de structure : Airbus Helicopters Training Centre Bordeaux
  • 1 route de Cenac ,
  • 33360 ,
  • Latresne


  • “We pioneer sustainable aerospace for a safe and united world.”

    This reflects into three main behavioural territories, our purpose imperatives:

    We influence and pioneer
    We unite and collaborate
    We act with care and respect
    Every interaction people have with Airbus is an opportunity to build our brand. Doing this consistently over time will ensure our brand remains robust and well placed to grow stronger.

    Our brand strengthens our business. It connects us to push boundaries, solve problems and unlock opportunities.

Pourquoi suis-je partenaire ?

  • Dans le but d’accompagner les filières autour des métiers de l’aéronautique.

    De susciter des vocations dans un environnement multi disciplinaire.

    Afin de promouvoir l’excellence française dans les métiers de l’aéronautique.

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